BDD 261 – Warhammer Achievements 3

Warhammer Achievements 3

Warhammer Achievements 3

In this episode I talk about the winners at the Warhammer Achievements 3 event that I attended yesterday. I also have a chat with Jon Kerr about some of the nicely painted armies at the event.

Steve Wren ran a fantastic event and the really high standard of armies in attendence was nice to see.

Congrats to the winners:

Ultimate High Achiever: Tom Luxton
Achievement Grabber: Darryl Jones
Dude Wheres my Achievements: Chris Taylor

Best Sports: Ben Johnson
Best General: Mark Wildman
Best Painted: Dan Quirk
Negative Achievements: James Jenkins

Battle Scribe (Best Fluff): Dan Quirk
Shrine of Knowledge (Quiz): Ben Johnson
Bakeoff (Best Cake): Luke Hayton
Extinction Award: James “Markus Wolfheart” Harding
Best Mammoth: Tom Luxton

And from Entry fees and Money raised at the event we are going to be able to donate £342.01 to the Alzheimers Society, so I think that is the true success from an event attended by only 24 players!!


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