BDD 263 – Dan Quirk’s Paladins of the Broken Sword

dan quirk

Dan Quirk’s Paladins of the Broken Sword

On this episode I interview Dan Quirk about his Warriors of Chaos army, The Paladins of the Broken Sword.

I talk to Dan about his ideas behind the army and how he brought them to the table top. How he gets his smooth colour transitions from Red to Blue and what plans he has for the future of the project.

There really are some stand out units in this army and Dan tells me how he set about putting them together and making them fit into the army.  We talk about his Daemon Prince which is converted from the forge world Incarnate Elemental of Beast and a Cockatrice, The  Chimera which is a subtle yet hugly modified take on the standard Games Workshop model, His Warriors unit including unit fillers that span 4 editions of the game and his knights that are another unit made from lots of different editions of Warriors of Chaos army books.

You can see all the pictures and follow his progress in his Hobby Challenge Blog.


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