BDD 284 – Mailbag: Ghostly Howl and Death Shriek

BDD 284 - Mailbag: Ghostly Howl and Death Shriek

Mailbag: Ghostly Howl and Death Shriek

I was sent in the following questions by Tim from WYSIWYG Gaming group.

The questions are regarding the Vampire Counts Ghostly Howl and Death Shriek rules

I have a topic for you for one of the baddice daily shows, more than Gareth’s query corner, as I believe there is enough here to make an episode from.
I played a game with Gareth at MK Rollcall event, and our game created some query around Vampire army’s screaming attacks. We discussed the fact that perhaps you could do a daily show on Vampire screaming attacks, or get a Vamp player on to discuss these as they cause some real game play problems as they don’t seem to follow any normal rules in the rulebook.

Queries are as per the below, I appreciate that between Banshees and Terrorgheists they already ignore most of the rules for Marching and shooting, fail charging and shooting, line of sight, front arc, shooting into combat, shooting while in combat, normal targeting restrictions, etc.

· Query = Can a unit containing more than one banshee target two or more targets. (Shooting rules specify that all the models in the unit have to choose the same target so make that choice wisely. I am only aware of Wood elf items/spites that allow you to choose a different target to a unit for that model only.)

Example [Gareth had a horde of ghouls, with a banshee wither end, and wanted to scream from each banshee at the full 8” to reach two separate chaff units of mine.]
Can this be done? And if so can you clarify this for listeners as something to watch out for, as It caught me out and unpicked a pincer movement I was setting up.

· Query= Can a scream attack pick its target on a multipart model and therefore inflict damage on an easier target to kill.

Example [Oldblood riding Carnosaur, Ld9 vd Ld5, if the banshees/Terrorgheists can pick out the Carnosaur on it’s own ld then the mount is almost certainly dead.]

· Query= Can a banshee scream from the second rank of a unit. (I am pretty sure this is allowed) But how about if the unit is engaged in combat? (would it lose it’s normal combat attack in exchange for making the scream attack, due to being limited to one supporting attack in the second rank?)

· Query= Do banshee and or terrorgheist screams count as magical for use against enemy ethereal units?

I hope these make sense, would be good to get another opinion on these situations, and clear it up for all the listeners.
-Tim the Enchanter


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2 thoughts on “BDD 284 – Mailbag: Ghostly Howl and Death Shriek

  • July 4, 2013 at 09:52

    I maybe wrong, but as a vampire player I think some of the scream information was incorrect.
    I believe the screams are magical attacks
    I believe the terrorghiest can scream at other units even when locked in combat, the death shriek rules are worded differently to the tomb banshee and the FAQ only covers the Tomb banshee.  This one maybe a grey area too though.
    Kind Regards

  • July 4, 2013 at 14:05

    Agreed.  Just checked my book and it says the following (unless faqed away with the last update)
    ….wounds from GH are magical attacks distributed as shooting…
    …a DS is a magical attack and Wounds suffered….

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