BDD 294 – Mailbag: All Mounted High Elves and Nightshroud rules

Mailbag: All Mounted High Elves and Nightshroud Rules

In this listener submitted questions episode I take a question from Brian about Brettonian style High Elves and one from Ben about the Nightshroud rules.

First up is the one about the Mounted High Elves

Interesting that you chose Bretts. What if you built a Bretonnia list using High Elves? Surely the High Elf special rules and support choices would be more “powerful” than the traditional Brett lists? What with High Elf calvary’s ability to be fielded in “Lances” now, and High Magic adding to the 6+ ward save of Dragon Princes – the High Elf calvary should point for point exceed the abilities of the Brett Calvary. Then you would also have the added abilities of the High Elf shooting and support such as Eagles and Phoenixes.

Call them “Brelves” if you will.

A sample list is attached, but if it will not open, consider:

-Mounted Archmage in the middle of a lance of 8 Dragon Princes – BOTWD. Cast one spell, and the unit is now at a 5+ ward similar to praying Bretts. AM is now “immune” to death magic as well. He can also 1 dice 3-4 spells a turn getting this ward save to ridiculous levels.

-Mounted Level one with ring in the middle of a second lance of 8 DP’s. 2 more magic missiles that add to ward saves.

-BSB with Starlance in a unit of 8 Silver Helms. Str 7 with rerolls busts 1+save armors.

-Second lance of 9 Silver Helms.

-2×5 Reavers with bows tor round out Core.

Additional support in the form of:
-3 Bolt Throwers
-2x 5 Sisters
-1 FrostHeart.

I think a player of your caliber would rocket back up the rankings with a list like this! I am sure multiple variations abound – such as combining the Dragon princes and adding in Shadow or Beast magic.

Give it a try!

Best regards,


And then about the Nightshroud

Hey Ben, love the show

I have a question reguarding challenges, I will use my vampires as an example so here it goes:

My vampire lord is on foot in a unit, sitting alongside a normal vampire. My normal vampire is wearing the Nightshroud, which removes strength bonuses from enemy models weapons in base contact.

If my vampire lord issues a challenge, and lets say, an ogre lord with great weapon answers the challenge, subsequently moves into base contact with my vampire lord, but is also in base contact with the baby vampire.

Does the Nightshroud on the baby vampire effect the ogre lord, even though he is in a challenge with the vampire lord? This question can also be extended to some chaos powers like acid ichor and such.

Cheers Ben!


Ben Le Voi

(bRianStorm on the forum)

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