Daily Episode 94 – Top Models in Warhammer

Top Models in Warhammer

My Top Models in Warhammer

In this episode I choose my Top Models in warhammer.  I run down all the races and try to pick the best model from each, and when I say try I really mean it as there are quite a few armies where that top model spot is highly contested.

As you will hear me mention in the episode, I had a hard time choosing some races and there were quite a few models that missed out but I feel are worth of a mention. The Vampire Counts range in particular has some impressive models, the Wight King, the winged vampire and also the Zombie Dragon/Terrorghiest kit are all very special.  I said on the show that the Lizardmen were pretty uninspiring but the Carnosaur is one of the nicest monsters that I have painted.

Another close call that didn’t get mentioned was the Wood Elf Eternal Guard.  The champion model is particularly impressive.

Here is the rundown of the models I went for.


The idea for this episode came from Dave Fraser posting on the forums.  If you want to see what he posted or share what your top picks would be head over to the forums and leave a comment.  It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with on this topic as choosing a model is very subjective and each of us will like something different, and even when we decide on the same model there are different reasons that we would like it.

Be sure to listen to tomorrows episode where I will be interviewing Tom Mawdsley and having a follow up to the most popular Daily Episode so far, What Would Curry Do – Ogre Kingdoms.

2 thoughts on “Daily Episode 94 – Top Models in Warhammer

  • September 27, 2012 at 03:08

    I’ve always loved that Dwarf Slayer model.

  • September 27, 2012 at 11:34

     BadDice_Podcast Great subject. The Dwarf Daemon Slayer was my favourite model getting into the hobby! My favourite model full stop (has a lot to do with how well I think it holds up given how old it is) has to be the old Ikit Claw model http://whfb.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/images/9/96/IkitClaw.gif .

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