Daily Episode 96 – Nick Pym talks Daemons of Chaos

Nick Pym talks Daemons of Chaos

In this episode I grab a chat with Nick Pym.  Nick is currently the top form guy in the UK.  Ben Johnson is holding him off for 1st place in the rankings but even Ben has not matched Nicks 5, 2 day, tournament wins in the last 12 months.  We chat about Daemons of Chaos, how he has played them to death to find the best list combinations and what units work best for him including some very interesting builds.  He give a great answer to the regular ‘What is Chaff’ question and has a in-depth run down of the Chaff in his army and how he puts it to good use.


I announce a competition that is running between episode 100 and 101. Team England are giving away their winning from the ETC so listen this week to find out how to be in with a chance of winning over 100 euros worth of prizes.

The Podcast Awards

The 2012 Podcast Awards have opened for nominations this week.  if you have enjoyed the show ove rthe last year an would like to show your support you can do so by nominations us for an award.  You can do so by visiting the information page for more details


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