All-Gates Realmgate Wars Review


All-Gates Realmgate Wars Review

The All-Gates Realm Gates Wars 4 book was released today and in this episode I review the book and also talk about the campaign we are running at our local games club.

From Games Workshop:

The fourth and final instalment of the Realmgate Wars saga, this book follows the sieges of four All-gates. The newly-reborn Alarialle and her sylvaneth fight desperately against the armies of Nurgle in realm of Life. Khorne’s Bloodbound have control over the gate to the realm of Beasts. Minions of Tzeentch guard the gate to the realm of Metal, and an entire Extremis Chamber is deployed to the realm of Fire…

This book draws the Realmgate Wars story to an epic close, with massive battles and incredible feats of heroism on page after page! As well as the thrilling narrative in this 304-page hardback, you’ll find:

– Four new Time of War sections – rules that anyone with any army can use for fighting in fantastical locations that wildly change the way Warhammer Age of Sigmar games are played, including new game effects, new spells for any wizard and a new triumph table;
– 11 new Battleplans – any Warhammer Age of Sigmar army can be used to play out these scenarios, adding depth and variety to your games;
– six detailed stage-by-stage painting guides for armies appearing in the book – get your armies looking exactly as they do when fighting these battles, with an awe-inspiring showcase of expertly-painted Citadel miniatures for inspiration;
– 22 Warscrolls and 11 Warscroll Battalions for Stormcast Eternals, Fyreslayers, Ironjawz, Slaves to Darkness, Daemons of Nurgle and Clans Pestilens armies.

The All-Gates book is a really nice book.  Some of the highlights for me were the images of huge armies doing battle.  There is a shot of an Ironjawz force besieging a fortress and there must be over 1000 models in the picture.

There are also some cool ‘how to’ guides showing how to build some Fellbarrens terrain pieces and also how to make your gaming tables look like the Realm of Beasts Scarlands.


Gaming Club Campaigns

image.jpeg.f30d600ed4486a430d5ddccdd276eb34 image.jpeg.95f3517723c1dcc3b36b28e5fd7dfca0 image.jpeg.87c7ee28bd0ece751b2d6c2cf025d9ed

At our local club we are currently running a league/campaign. It has a very loose structure with the emphasis on taking part and getting your army painted rather than winning games.

The way we are doing the scoring is as follows.

Win = 3 points
Draw = 2 points
Loss = 1 Point
Kill general = 1 Point
Fully painted = 1 Point

Each month there is a new hobby challenge.  So far we have had paint a terrain piece, paint a Silver Tower app character and now we are building objective markers.

There are no rules on army selection or battle types so everyone is free to play any type of game that they like.




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