Masters Draw tables 7+8 – AoS Daily ep5

The final 2 tables for the first round draw of the masters are up and it sees Blood Bound vs Tomb Kings and Ironjawz vs Bonesplitterz

Russ Veal is taking on Pano on table 7. The horde of bloodbound with a thousand attacks will be hitting hard against the elite and devastating Tomb Kings.

On Table 8 Sedge is bringing the Kunnin’ Ruck with Stonehorn against Kieran’s Large unit of IronJawz Brutes. The Ironjawz are fast across the table but will it be enough against all the firepower of the bonesplitterz.

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Here is the first round draw in full

Rob Perrin vs Ben Johnson
Tony Moore vs Luke McHugh
Darran Palmer vs Mark Wildman
Martin Morrin vs Terry Pike
Daniel Ford vs Ricky Mee
Jack Armstrong vs Byron Orde
Russ Veal  vs Pano
Kieran Harper vs Robert Sedgeman

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