Shattered Dominion and New bases – Episode 143


Shattered Dominion and New bases

The Shattered Dominion realm of battle board has finally hit the stores and is accompanied by a battletome: Dominion of Chaos that is on pre-order this week alongside a huge range of other Age of Sigmar new releases.

On this episode i talk about the Start Collecting sets for Sylvaneth, Ironjawz, Bloodhound, Stormcast and Flesh Eater Courts.

I like the look of this new style of starter kits and am really tempted to pick one up.

99120207039_SCFlesheaters01 99120218010_SC_Stormcast0199120204019_SCSylvaneth01
99120209037_SCIronjaws0199120201061_SCKhorneBloodbound01 99120201061_SCKhorneBloodbound06 99120204019_SCSylvaneth06 99120207039_SCFlesheaters06 99120209037_SCIronjaws06 99120218010_SC_Stormcast06


Hacking Golden Demon

I recently asked if there were any ‘shortcuts’ to a Golden Demon and was told a resounding NO. But in receiving that no I also was given a lot of advice and that in itself is a shortcut (or hack) I decided to try and put this into action and 10X my painting by taking some tips and trying out some advanced skills for the first time.

This is my results so far (more can be see on my TGA.Community painting blog)

I’ve been painting with games workshop paints and water.  No Airbrush or mediums used.  I’ve been thinning y parts to the same consistency as the Glaze paints and applying in very thin layers using more water to blend the colours on the model.

I’ve not been blending colours together, just using thin paint blended out with water to create the transitions.

To get to the stage in these photos has taken less than 2 hours.

He is still work in progress but I am aiming to get finished quickly and try the same techiques on a smaller model.


I’ve been keen to rebase my Dark Elfs and the new range of plastic bases had given me the ideal opportunity.

99120299035_ShatteredDominion6540mmBases02 99120299033_ShatteredDominion2532mmBases02-1 99120299034_ShatteredDominion6540mmBases02-1 99120299036_ShatteredDominionDetailBases02

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