BDP 98 – The Masters


In this episode Mark and Gareth take the helm as Ben is out of action.

They give their thoughts on Masters event and Mark has a run down of his games.

Fortnight in Fantasy.

Gareth has been building his Vampire Counts army, starting with a Mortis Engine and a Banshee. Mark has finished off of skaven and moved back to his orcs and goblins.

Mark got a few Masters Warm-up games playing against Ogres and Empire.

Masters Report

The guys talk about their thoughts on the event and Mark tells us how his games went.

We have interviews from the weekend with winner Tom Mawdsley, Hristo, Will and Chris.


To hear more from the masters you should chack out the Bad Dice You Tube Channel


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BDD 141 – Oz and NZ Masters Tournament Results Round Up

masters tournament results

Oz and NZ Masters Tournament Results Round Up

Today I talk about the Australian and New Zealand Masters Tournaments results and also mention a couple of UK events.

New Zealand Masters Results

masters tournament resultsSome info about the event.

Tom played all six people ranked finishing 2nd to 7th.  Peter W scored staggering 54 points on Day Two.  Over the event he lost to Tim and Tom scoring 7 points but managed 74 points in his other four games. In the Tie Breaker for 3rd Pete beat Tim 17-3 and totalled just over 1000 VPs more in his games.  Rory was overnight leader but only scored 15 points on Day Two.  Joel had 31 points after two games then went 0, 0, 0, 4.  In the battle of the Dunns – Tom cast Final Transmutation irresistibly on Turn One then rolled 6 for Pete’s Seer, 6 for the Bell and 6 for his BSB, but Pete only went down 8-12!

Australian Masters Tournament Results

I don’t yet have the official results for the Australian Masters but this were pulled from Wargamer AU thanks to Nasher.

  • 1st – Chris Cousens – Wood Elves
  • 2nd – Haig McLisky – Orcs and Goblins
  • 3rd – Adrian Stackula – Orcs and Goblins

I’ll try and get some more details about this event in the future.

The Bjorn Supremecy Results

Tom Mawdsley ran the Swedish Comp event this weekend and he sent over the results.

  • 1st – Hugh Allen – WoC – Comp Score 13
  • 2nd – Mark Muslek – VC – Comp Score 11
  • 3rd – Tim Robinson – VC – Comp Score 8
  • Best painted – Hugh Allen
  • Sports – Ian Ralph

Peter Williamson’s High Elves.

Here is Peters High Elves List:

Lvl4 High Archmage + Dispel Scroll + Ring of fury
General Prince + GW + Bow of Seaferer + Dragon Armour of Caledor + Talsiman of Loec
BSB Noble + Barded Elven Steed + DA + GW + Helm Of Fortune
27 Speamen + mus + std + Gleaming Pennant
27 Speamen + mus + std
10 Archers + mus
15 WhiteLions + Std + Mus +Champion + Banner of Sorcery
2 Tiranoc Chariots
5 Dragon Princes + Mus
5 Reavers
2 Bolt Throwers
2 Eagles


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