BDD 184 – Sequence of the Magic and Shooting Phase

shooting phase

Sequences In The Magic and Shooting Phase

This is the second part in the series of episodes about sequences in the game, today is the Magic and Shooting Phase sequences.

Both of these phases are very similar.  The magic phase has some things that are to be applied at the start of the phase and then you move on to generating the winds of magic and bonus dice.

The key things to remember in the magic phase are:

  • Some spells and rules are done at the start of the phase.
  • Broken Concentration effects the use of scrolls if your Mage has failed to dispel
  • A Vortex moves at the end of the phase
  • Remains in Play spells can be dispelled at any time.

The shooting phase is simple and the only things I would consider to be of note are:

  • Choose a unit and resolve its shooting.
  • If the unit has a character in it then he shoots at the same time as the rest of the unit.
  • Resolve any panic tests as they are inflicted.


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