BDD 136 – December White Dwarf Review

December White Dwarf Review

December White Dwarf Review

Today I will be doing a review of the December White Dwarf.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months you will know that The Hobbit movie is due out in a couple of weeks time and as you can guess Games Workshop are producing The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game to run alongside their existing Lord of the Rings range.  The December White Dwarf is focused almost entirely on this release.
Starting with the cover, Its a simple shot of the new models for Gandalf, Bildo and  Thorin Oakenshield.
The magazine has a run through of all the new release that are coming out with the Hobbit game.  The Starter set is called The Escape From Goblin Town and come with all you need to get into the game.
The Hobbit: Escape from Goblin Town – Limited Edition contains 56 Citadel Miniatures including: Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, the limited edition Radagast the Brown, Oin the Dwarf, Gloin the Dwarf, Nori the Dwarf, Ori the Dwarf, Kili the Dwarf, Fili, the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Bombur the Dwarf, Bofur the Dwarf, Bifur the Dwarf, The Goblin King, Grinnah the Goblin, The Goblin Scribe, Goblin Captain, 36 Goblin Warriors, and The Goblin King’s platform. Also included is a 48 Page full colour ‘Your Journey Begins Here’ booklet, 1 Play Sheet, a 112 page full colour rules manual, 8 Dice, and 1 Ruler.
Also released are a how range of miniatures of the game that tie in with the movie, The Trolls, Hunter Orcs, The White Council and even a Custom Cut Foam Hobbit Figure Case.
The Goblin Town Walkways that come in the set look like they could be used to make a great addition to a Malifaux board.
Next up is the details about the Crusade of Fire campaign book for 40k.  This looks to be similar to Blood In The Badlands that was released for Warhammer earlier in the year.
There are sections on Black Library releases and the latest from forge world, and skipping through to the end of the magazine there is a section on ‘This Month In..” and there are some pictures of the new Forge World – Warhammer Forge Models for The Battle Of Black Fire Pass campaign book that is coming next year.  A new as yet unseen Dwarf and a Goblin BSB.
Andrew Kenrik interviews Carl Jackson from Nomad games, the creators of the Talisman Game from PC, iPad and other devices, this includes some screen shots of the game.
Next we have me favourite part of the revamped white Dwarf, and this is the Army of the Month section.  In this Issue its the Ogre Kingdoms of Keith Robertson.  The army is huge and painted to a great standard, but not super high that you might expect from a Eavy Metal Painter.  The sheer size of it is what makes it impressive.  My personal picks of the army are the Orange theme that runs through everything and really ties it all together and also a uniform basing style that really make the retro Goblin Green edging look upto date.
Jervis has his usual article and talks bout the importance of playing in the rules and also spirit of the game.
The Battle Report this month is one of the scenarios from the Hobbit.  No interest to me but certainly looks good! As usual they have 3 other members of the design studio critique the game afterwards, this is a fantastic addition to the battle reports that you just don’t see anywhere else in the hobby.  How many times have you played a game where other people watch it played and give feedback afterwards?  It just doesn’t happen.
The Rivals article in this issue is a 40k one but has a fun slant to it that is am so stealing for a daily show.  Andy Clark and Simon Grant design a 500 point super unit each and have a debate about which is better and then play it out on the tabletop.
The Blanchitsu article is its usual display of the warped mind of John Blance,  this time with a Space Marine Warband.
The Citadel Hall of Fame goes to the Coven Throne model and has an interview with some of the designers and painters about the model.
The back end of the December White Dwarf is mainly painting and modelling focus on whats going on around the studio and also some reader submitted conversions and paint works.  Jeremy Vetock talks about the weather of all things and the issue ends with a couple of Black Library author interviews.
So overall its not an issue that I would have bought give the chance to flick through it first, there was just not enough Warhammer in it for me, but the standard displayed in the last few issues was maintained and I’m looking forwards to seeing more warhammer in the future.


Buy it if – You want to see an amazing Ogre Kingdom army, Are interested in getting into the Hobbit game or you just want to check out the new Warhammer Forge Models.
Don’t buy it if – You are expecting even a single new Warhammer release this month…


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