BDD 123 – Changes I’d make for Warhammer 9th Edition

Changes I’d make for Warhammer 9th Edition

I get emails every day with great topics that I should cover and 2 of them that have been coming up again and again are Comp and Warhammer 9th edition wish lists.  I normally try to stay away from comp discussions as they really are endless but I thought it would be a good chance to combine the 2 topics.

So in an ideal world there would be no need for comp, and any comp that is really needed now could be written into a new set of rules.
  • I would start by adding an errata to page 97 of the rule book.  This is the section that deals with Characters getting Look out Sir rolls.  I would change the first sentence to ‘If a lone Character is hit by a shooting or magic attack of any kind (including shots fired using ballistic skill, templates and so on, but never for attacks of any kind in the close combat phase)  I would then apply the sniper rule to death spells and similar that choose their targets. to round things off the sniper wording may need tightening to suit this new application.
  • Next up would be Warmachines.  They would all get bases, square or rectangular, and when you declare a charge against a war machine you would pivot the machine to face the charging unit, similar to pivoting before fleeing.  In the case of multiple charges you would pivot to face the first charging unit, subsequent unit would now have a front/flank/rear to charge against.  Shooting would be measured from the centre of the front of the base.  Finally, no war machine would do more than D3 wounds.
  • The 3rd change I would make would be to include a full glossary and streamline some rules.  The glossary would give set terms for the game.  8th Edition went some way towards doing this but it is still a far cry from a finished article.  For example, in the orcs and goblins army book, the Mangler Squigs have a rule called Gone Crazy! then later under another rule they are said to have Gone crazy and rolls a triple for movement.  This is one example of unclear wording.  It is similar enough to make you wonder if its the same, and as there is no precedent of a certain wording meaning a certain thing its unclear if you should apply that here too. If the rulebook says movement, I would make sure it was clear what is considered movement, and what is considered moving in another way.  another example of this confusion are spells that say move like in the movement phase.  Its usually clear what this is, but I think with a real glossary that is consistent throughout Warhammer it could solve a load of problems and also catch a lot of FAQ’s before they hit the street.
  • The last area that I feel really needs attention is spread across a few areas of the game.  i would go over the books and FAQ’s and adjust anything that didn’t ‘feel’ right.  Some of these would be the FAQ for not allowing an overrun after crumbling, removing casualties from anywhere on the rear rank. Fleeing from combat centre to centre, blocking the movement of random movers, or not being able to block them and allowing a virtual pivot.
So Curryhammer, or my Warhammer 9th Edition, would be 8th edition with a few tweaks to smooth over the rough parts. I really think 8th is the best edition I have played of Warhammer so it needs little alterations.


Let me know what changes you would make for Warhammer 9th Edition by leaving a comment below.

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