BDP 105 – High Elves Army First Impressions

high elves army

High Elves Army First Impressions

In this episode we give our first impressions of the High Elves army. This is by no means a full on in-depth review. We talk about what in the new book is catching our eye and seems fun to use and powerful in the game. We talk a little about the background of the high elves, we write some lists and then take some listeners questions in Gareths Querey corner. To kick things off we cover what we have been up to in the hobby over the past 2 weeks.

Fortnight in Fantasy

On this episode we have a small change to the way Fortnight in fantasy is going to run. Instead of going around the table based on topic, we go around person by person and first up is Mark.


Gaming – No gaming since AdeptiCon
Painting – Painting Orcs, finished 1 Troll and 3 Snotling Bases
Other – LARPing
Coming Up – Warhammer Achievements


Gaming – Played Vampires vs Warriors of Chaos and rocked the Double Terrorghiests and has some ideas about his list.
Painting – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Other – Had his birthday and went to see the latest Star Trek movie
Coming Up – Warhammer Achievements


Gaming – 2 games in this last fortnight against Ben Johnson and Adam Hall. Both with High Elves against Daemons.
Painting – The Hellcannon is getting som e more progress and some of the swag bag models from AdeptiCon have been started.
Other – Ben has been listening to the Wheel of Time series on Audible and is up to book 6.
Coming Up – Warhammer Achievements

High Elves

We start with a summary of the High Elves back story. Then move on to our thoughts on the new book and units.

We have a run down the various segment in the book and talk about what we think is Hot or Not. This is by no means a full high elf review, but a chat abou the parts of the book that is exciting us and why we like it.

High Elves Lists

Gareth wants to rock a Tecils and Tripple Pheonix list. Ben and Mark put him on the spot to find out which 8 spells he would choose to take on Tecilis.

Teclis: Lores of Battle Magic
Ashtari (Frostheart Phoenix)
Noble: heavy armour; Battle Standard.
15 Archers
15 Archers
30 Spearmen: Sentinel; standard bearer.
15 Phoenix Guard: Keeper of the Flame; standard bearer.
5 Dragon Princes of Caledor
Flamespyre Phoenix
Flamespyre Phoenix

Mark went down the MSU approach and tried to get in as many units as he could.

Anointed of Asuryan: Star Lance; Other Tricksters Shard; Golden Crown of Atrazar; Enchanted Shield.
Flamespyre Phoenix
Noble: Charmed Shield; Elven Steed (Ithilmar barding); lance; Dragon armour; Battle Standard.
Mage: Level 2 Wizard. High Magic
Mage: Dispel Scroll; Level 2 Wizard. High Magic
10 Archers
10 Archers
5 Silver Helms: shields.
5 Silver Helms: musician; shields.
5 Ellyrian Reavers
5 Ellyrian Reavers
5 Swordmasters of Hoeth
5 Swordmasters of Hoeth
5 Swordmasters of Hoeth
5 Dragon Princes of Caledor: standard bearer gleaming pennant
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
5 Sisters of Avelorn
Frostheart Phoenix
1 Great Eagle
1 Great Eagle

Ben went the more traditional mixed arms list and talked about the list that he used in he 2 games this week.

Loremaster: Book of Hoeth.
Archmage: Dispel Scroll; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Shadow; Elven Steed (Ithilmar barding).
Noble: Dawnstone; The Reaver Bow; Elven Steed (Ithilmar barding); halberd; Dragon armour; shield; Battle Standard.
30 Archers: musician.
15 Archers: musician.
5 Silver Helms
5 Silver Helms
5 Ellyrian Reavers: bows.
11 Dragon Princes of Caledor: Drakemaster; musician; standard bearer (Banner of the World Dragon).
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower
Flamespyre Phoenix
5 Sisters of Avelorn

Gareths Query Corner

Luke Rowlands asks if 3 High Elf archmages are a viable choice. Michael Jordal wants to know what random things can hit friendly units. Robin Erikens has a question about Swordmasters. Empire detachments and Night Goblin Fanatics, how do they score points? Scotland want a 2nd ETC team. How does Great Reach work in 8th Edition, more unmodified leadership questions. Andrew Sherman from Ohiohammer wants us to fix his plastic crack habit. Ryan ask s about BSB’s and Michael asks about Hellcannons in combat. Roland Young wants to know about flaming more than once per turn and lots lots more in this bumper GQC segment


So that wraps up another episode. A huge thanks to all the guys that supported the show, Russ, Curtis and the guys from Hammers of War.

Right after this episode we recorded a bonus episode for the Snake Eyes members. Gareth and Ben talked about the Call To War tournament and the last ever event at the Eye of the Storm. You can sign up to snake eyes at

Shout Outs!

We have a couple of shout outs to do in this episode.

Russ Castrovano sent us a goodie bag for our 100th birthday (a little late but who cares!!!) including a Purple Huskey Tee for Gareth.

Curtis Smith wants to promote the Bad Dice Amazon Affiliate link! When ever you shop at Amazon go via our link on the Bad Dice Support page an we get a bit of commission. Curtis wanted us to talk about this on the episode!

Finally, the guys from the Hammers Of War documentary wanted us to promote their indegogo campaign.

“Back in 2011, a guy named Dave Hiatt made a documentary called “Hammers of War,” which can be found on Youtube, for his film school senior project. He only had 17 minutes to show a 40K tournament and the passion the players had for their hobby, which turned out to not be enough time. Skip ahead to 2013, Dave and his brother Dan are looking to make a feature length sequel called “The Love of War.” They’re looking for help funding the project through Indiegogo. Please search for “The Love of War” on, and if you like what you see, donate to the cause, and share the link with your friends!” All help, whether financially or otherwise is greatly appreciated.”

Relevant links:

Indiegogo campaign
Hammers of War documentary:

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Segment Times

Fortnight in Fantasy – 9:00
Mark – 9:30
Gareth – 1 6:50
Ben – 23:00
High Elves First Impressions – 43:00
High Elves Lists – 1.35:00
Gareth’s Query Corner – 2.04:00

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