BDP – Dark Elves Initial Thoughts

Army Power Levels

Dark Elves Initial Thoughts

In this episode we take a first look at the Dark Elves

Fortnight in Fantasy

Ben has been building and painting dark elves and has played a ton of games! Off topic this month has been Breaking Bad and Joe Abercrombie, The First Law
Gareth played 4 games too!  He played against Kieran’s Beastmen, Nick Pearts Ogres, A small 500 points battle against Az and his Skaven.  Finally he faced Craig Johnson and did a 4 part YouTube battle report about it.
Mark played Ben’s Dark Elves and also went to a Tournament, Tribute in Cardiff at Firestorm Games.  Mark has bought a bunch of new models and is painting for his next event, the Mansfield Maul.

Dark Elves

We have a run down the new Dark Elf rules and give our thoughts on the changes.

Gareths Query Corner

We take questions about Slaanesh chariots, Walk Between Worlds, Using Bloodletter Glaze, a random question about changing rules, Painting blood effect.  Using Marauders in a Warriors list and lots more!


We wrap up the show

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I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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The intent of this sponsorship is to recognise one of the main figures of the Warhammer scene here in New Zealand, Pete Dunn.  Pete writes the Fields of Blood blog, lead the establishment of a NZ Rankings system after Rankings HQ went down the subscriber route, organises several tournaments a year and generally makes Warhammer a much more fun experience here in NZ.  He generally provides most if not all of the terrain himself for his tournaments, and it’s all good stuff.  If he didn’t play Skaven, he’d be damn near perfect.
Normally you might buy someone something to commemorate that, but Pete has everything and more anyway; tens of thousands of points worth of models.  But he can’t buy a congratulations message on a podcast like yours, and I think the message would be sincerely appreciated by him.

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