BDP 125 – ETC Report and Nagash news

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ETC Report and Nagash news

On this episode we are joined by Craig ‘FatCraig’ Johnson to talk about the European Team Championships.


We start things off by talking about the new Nagash releases and discussing how we think the Lore of Undeath will fit into the game.

Next up we have a run down of the games we have been playing in the last month.  Mark got in 2 doubles games against 2 different sets of Australian ETC players while they were visiting Warhammer world.  Ben played Triumph and Treachery for the first time and had a blast.

On the painting front, Mark has been getting his High Elves ready for Clash of Swords and Craig has been building Ripperdactyls, taking inspiration from the Polish ETC lizardmen list.  Ben has done as much painting this month as he has the rest of 2014 finishing 3 Bull Centaurs, a Taur’Ruk, 3 Characters, a Deathshreiker and painting 2 test models for the Undead Legion project.

Speaking of which, on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th September Bad Dice + friends will be building an Undead Legion, start to finish in a weekend.

We plan to put together around 3500 points (1000 of them being Nagash!) in a single weekend.  Guests signed up so far are Ben Johnson, Steve Wren and FatCraig himself.  Mark and Gareth will be helping out too.

Micro Art Studios are supplying us with Resin bases for the project too

Stay tuned for more information.

Some links to things we spoke about in this segment

Micro Art Studio ruin bases

Russian Alternative Dwarves of Fire Canyon

Brandon Sanderson ‘The Stormlight Archive’ audio books.  Get it for free at Audible


Ben talks to Craig and Mark about their time at the ETC in serbia.

We start off with the social side of things, including Mark getting fighty and the party night then move into how Team England prepared for the event this year.

Next up is the games and we talk about the high lights from each round before wrapping things up with an overall look at the event including plans for next year.

You can check out the ETC lists in our Tournament List Archive.


Gareth take some questions in his Query Corner and we finish things off with an announcement about Bad Dice Daily and its new format.

Give us your feedback by leaving a comment below or catching the 3 of us on twitter. @Baddice_Podcast @PurpleHuskey @MarktheBeastman I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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