BDP 94 – The Lore of Metal Review

Lore of Metal

Episode 94 – The Lore of Metal Review

In episode 94 Gareth, Mark and Ben have a live studio audience (of 1!) as we chat about the Beasthammer Tournament, handling bad Sportsmanship as a community, the Black Library Weekender and we review the Lore of Metal.

Fortnight in Fantasy.

In the last fortnight since episode 93 Gareth grabbed a game vs Jak Spedding during a impromptu gaming session at Warhammer World and learned about the ‘Closing the Door’ rules, Mark has been using his Tomb Kings again and played against Ed with his new Empire Army.  We talk about how the Tomb Kings struggle against aggressive lists.  We also talk about buildings having a negative impact on Marks game.
Mark and Gareth went to the Beasthammer tournament down in Portsmouth.  They both chat about the highlights from their games and have a rundown of the event overall.  In summary they thought it was a good event with a few niggles and will certainly go back next year. You can find the full results on The Warhammer Forum.
In the aftermath of the event there has been a lot of talk about sportsmanship and how to handle it as a community so we give our take on that.
Ben went to the Black Library Weekender with Marcus.  We caught a buch of Horus Heresy seminars.  There are some recordings form these seminars in the snake eyes members area.  Check out the Horus Heresy blog by Marcus –
Mark has been plugging away on the Orcs and Goblins and has finished a unit of Squigs and Handlers.

The Lore of Metal Review

Gareth reads the Lore of Metal spells and the 3 of us give our thoughts on their use in the game.
We talk about;
  • Why the lore of metal can be the best and worst lore in of magic in the game
  • Different roles that the lore of metal can fill
  • How you can use the lore of metal even against armies with no armour.
  • How to get the best from the lore of metal by combining it with other Lore ‘s of Magic.
  • What lore of magic is good for supporting the lore of metal
  • What other magic the lore of metal is good at supporting

Gareth’s Query Corner

In this instalment of Gareth’s Query Corner Brad asks about Empire detachments and wants to know if cheaper is better?  Barry asks if Ironblasters can stand and shoot, Riely O’Conner is having problems with Terrorghiests and wants to know how to beat them with Warriors of Chaos, Johnny from Pointhammered asks if Gareth suffers stupidity from nearby Hotties!  We take a question comparing Warhammer to Computer Games.  Ben Moore wants our thoughts on a Mounted Empire army.  We cover anti-chaff tactics.  Brandon asks a question about which army books should get a facelift. And lots more!


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