BDD 131 – Alternate Warhammer Miniatures

Alternate Warhammer Miniatures

Today I am going to talk about some of the Alternate Warhammer Miniatures that have recently and caught my eye.  This is by no means a definitive list of the best Alternate Warhammer Miniatures out there, instead it is my pick of the recent ones that I like the look of and in no particular order.

Studio McVey

First up is the latest release from Studio McVey, the Hathya Model.  Its a giant Elephant with 4 arms, whats not to like!  Its probably not a great fit in warhammer and is more suited to a Skorne Army in Warmachine but I really like it.  If I was playing Lizardmen I would certainly be looking at using it as a Slann.
Alternate Warhammer Miniatures
The next one that I have spotted and I like the look of is the Raging Heroes Manticore and Dark Elf Lord.  There are a few really nice Manticore Models on the market but this one is fantastic.  The Dark Elf lord on top looks especially evil.  The extra touch about the Raging Heroes Manticore is the fact that it doubles as a Lamassu with a simple head swap.
Alternate Warhammer Miniatures
I wanted to talk about the Titan Forge range of Pirate Ogres.  Mournfang Cavalry alternates of Ogres riding Crocodiles.  Its not just the Croc riders that are good but they are the pick of the range for me.
Alternate Warhammer Miniatures - Titan Forge Ogres
One range of models that I wanted to mention is the Avatars of War Chaos Warriors.  I would have included them in more detail but the website is very difficult to navigate.  In fact I found that with quite a few of the miniature ranges that I looked at, a better website that is easy to order from must certainly mean more sales!
Some news from the weekend is the Warhammer Forge release of the Mourngul. I like the model but i’m not entierly sure how I would include it in an army.
Warhammer Forge Mourngul
And Finally, a new trend I have noticed is for the resin base creators have started releasing mini diorama’s for the units bases. have just released a few different Arcane Ruins sets.


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  • November 20, 2012 at 03:22

    Put a Chaos Warshrine on that Hathya model, I’m sold. You could change the arm poses with some simple conversions.

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