A Hectic week!

Bad Dice - So Bad we're Good!
Bad Dice - So Bad we're Good!

I have a bit of an update about whats been going on behind the scenes at Bad Dice.  With Ben J and Myself running and playing in Masters event over the weekend there was no time to record a ‘proper’ Episode 1.  The Masters coverage was all on the fly with no real planing (as you may tell from listening) However, now the weekend is out of the way and i have some time to do some planning and website work so there will be another episode recorded later this week. 

We decided only recently that a Podcast for the UK scene was needed and set about making it happen, I only took delivery of the recording equiptment on Tuesday3rd Feb, and the first show was live on the Sunday.  The next Episode will cover all the things you would expect to find in Episode 1. All about your Hosts to start with seeing as we didn’t realy introduce ourselves in ep.1  We will cover our ideas for the future of BadDice, the things we like to do in the hobby as well as our Army selections for the 2 events later this month.

And seeing as the Lizardman book was released on Saturday we might also have a go at putting together a few lists.

Email bencurry@baddice.co.uk if you want to chat about our efforts so far, keep an eye out for us on iTunes and be sure to leave review

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