Daily 113 – How To Paint Yellow with Steve Wren

How To Paint Yellow

Steve Wren returns to the show and we talk about How To Paint Yellow.  We cover some beginner tips but also go in depth to look at ways to get a really great finish when painting yellow, a colour that is notoriously tricky.

casandora yellow


The first beginner tip is to just try the Citadel Paint Casandora Yellow Shade.  If you apply 4-5 layers of this shade over a white primer it creates a nice bright yellow finish with natural shading and highlights.

I give a run down of the method I used to paint my bright yellow Cygnar Warmachine army and Steve finished off with a few more of his more advanced tips.

Make sure you go back and check out the previous episodes in this series to find out how to paint Yellow, Black and White.


Steve has been a guest over the last few weeks and I hope to have him on again in the future.  Let us know what other hobby topics you want covering and we will address them in a future episode.  Leave a comment below of catch us on Twitter.  @baddice_podcast and @Steve_Wren


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