BDD 149 – Skaven Summary Sheet

Skaven Summary Sheet

In this episode I talk about the Skaven Summary Sheet I created before using them for the first Time at Winter Incursion.  Below you will find the list that I wrote before the event.  This will be changed in the future to have extras added into it, but its a great starting point to build your own from.

Skaven In-Game reminder List

  • Start of the Game.
    • Roll for Spells
      • If I need Seer to have a certain ruin spell and can give up a WL start with Engineers
      • Grey Seer can choose from both lores, Decide at Start.
      • Don’t forget to roll for D3 Warp Stone
    • Deployment
      • Check Terrain.  Line of Sight System.  Hills and Buildings block LOS
      • Start with Rat Swarms.  Need a 21″ gap between them to fit 4 blocks with gaps.  Better with 25″ to allow wheeling room.
      • BSB in Bell has no range across 2 slave blocks.  Immune to Psyc Doom wheel goes that side.
      • ABomb deploy to cause chaos.
      • Characters Deployed in Bell can’t leave.  Do I need Skitterleap?
      • Deploy Wheel and Abomb length ways to gain extra distance on pivot.
      • Decide at deployment if gutter runners are scouting or tunnelling
  • Start of Turn
    • Tunnelling?
    • Skalm?
    • Storm Banner
  • Movement Phase
    • Charges
      • Beware of long slave units units blocking friendly movement.
    • Random Movement.
      • After Chargers have been moved.  After Rallying and Fleeing. No Charge Reaction.
      • FAQ’s for Random Movement stuck in rulebook Pg 74.
    • Normal Movement.  Remember Bell might ring and move.
      • Check for shots with Doom Rocket and Brass Orb.
    • Gutter Runners in General and BSB Range.  18″ on Bell.
    • Doom Wheel shoots nearest Target.
    • Bell can charge with magic.
  • Magic
    • Skalm?
    • Winds of Magic and then RING THE BELL>  DING DONG
    • Ring the Bell
      • 1 dice on turn 1.
      • only if not game changing on bad result.
      • Building collapse
      • Destroyed while in a big combat
      • Ring the Bell  Page 42.
    • Seer has 360′ on Bell.
    • Warpstone Tokens
    • Power Scroll
    • Look for Delete and Cannon combo.
  • Shooting.
    • Skalm?
    • Doom Rocket
    • Brass Orb
    • Doom Wheel Test to not shoot.
    • Check for LoS on characters
      • Can Gutters, Rocket and Orb remove LoS?
    • Cannon has template.
    • Plague Claw causes panic
  • Combat
    • Skalm?
    • Fencers Blades on the Seer.
    • Abomb rules Pg 56
      • Impacts hits and Thunderstomp
    • Remember Bell Effects if any.
    • Doomwheel Grinds and attacks.
      • Pg 66
    • Reform with Bell.  Look for 10″ move and Ring to charge.
This was the list I wrote before playing any games with the Skaven.  I went through my army and visualised every part of a game and tried to include notes about each section.  After playing some games you will probably want to go back and add to your list.  If you are starting with Skaven it would be a good idea to print off this Skaven Summary sheet and use it in your games.


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