BDD 259 – Warhammer Quest and Mailbag

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Warhammer Quest & Mailbag

In this episode I talk about the Warhammer Quest app for iPhone and iPad that was released today and also take a question from the mail bag.

Richard Harriss asked how to create a High Elf army on a budget.

Hi Ben,

I am looking to start a new HE army, but would like to do so on a relatively tight budget. I would like to use two Island of Blood sets to form the core of the army and then buy some additional units to fill it out. My question is if you had to use these models as the core what would you add to the army to make it competitive? I was wondering would you be able to a daily podcast based around this idea? Also maybe you could cover what you would add to the skaven to bulk them up; potentially this could allow someone to acquire two armies for relatively little investment in cash. This idea could then maybe also be extended to other armies, so you start with two battalion sets and then talk about what you would add to round out a decent army.

I covered expanding a Skaven army based on the Island of Blood set so this time I do it with High Elves.

Starting with 2 sets of Island of Blood you can add a Battlion and a Phoenix to get:

Noble on Griffon
30 Lothern Sea Guard, Full Command
30 Lothern Sea Guard, Full Command
5 Reavers
5 Reavers
8 Silver Helms
20 Swordmasters, Full Command
Tiranoc Chariot
Great Eagle


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