Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review

I just posted a Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ review over on YouTube.

You can check out the video here.

As you can see from the videos (and the images below) the Warhammer Quest App ‘My Hero’ gives a player everything that they need to play Age of Sigmar characters in Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.

You can purchase the character’s in the app for 79p each or get every character and 9 addition Skill and Treasure cards for £20.


Choose your trial and follow your hero as he fights his way though the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower.  Track their dice, collect their Treasure and Skill cards in an easy to read format and note which cards they will keep as they continue their adventure.

10 Hero’s from the bed games and 35 new hero’s, all based on the citadel plastic range.

Having spent an evening playing with the app (and a week now with the game) I can see myself using this whenever I play Warhammer Quest.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Unboxing – episode 131


Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Unboxing – ep 131

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game.  In this episode I unbox the game, mic in hand, and have a first look and play through of the rules.

I talk about the contents of the box as I open it up and also discuss the general game play as I go through the game mechanics.

I took some photos of the game and I have also started painting a few of the models.  Any suggestions on basing would be great.

First impressions of the game are very good!  The quality of the components are excellent, as you would expect, and the miniatures are some of the best so far for Age of Sigmar.

I predict that Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will be a huge release for games workshop and be a staple of the range for years to come.

Snake Eyes

This week I released a Snake Eyes episodes of the audio for the Warhammer Weekly You Tube show I was a guest on.

You can get this snake Eyes episode by signing up HERE.


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BDD 265 – Interview with Rodeo Games about Warhammer Quest


Interview with Rodeo Games about Warhammer Quest

In this bumper sized episode I interview Ben, Laurent and Rich from Rodeo Games, the guys behind the amazing Warhammer Quest app.

I start the interview by asking about the background of Rodeo games and how the idea of a Warhammer Quest app was started then progressed into the finished article.  We move on to talking about the artistic side of the app and what went into creating the universe alongside Games Workshop.

Next up is gameplay.  I learn which of the rules from Warhammer Quest were essential to keep in and what has been well recived by the public.  We talk about the way that the game works with random upgrades, variable dungeons and dropped magic items.

I find out about some of the rare items in the game like ‘The Hammer of Sigmar’ and I ask ask which of the characters are the favourites of both the Rodeo team and also the most downloaded.

Finally I try and pry out some secrets about future releases and get an idea of the plans for the games going forwards

During the show we talk about some links:


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BDD 259 – Warhammer Quest and Mailbag

warhammer quest

Warhammer Quest & Mailbag

In this episode I talk about the Warhammer Quest app for iPhone and iPad that was released today and also take a question from the mail bag.

Richard Harriss asked how to create a High Elf army on a budget.

Hi Ben,

I am looking to start a new HE army, but would like to do so on a relatively tight budget. I would like to use two Island of Blood sets to form the core of the army and then buy some additional units to fill it out. My question is if you had to use these models as the core what would you add to the army to make it competitive? I was wondering would you be able to a daily podcast based around this idea? Also maybe you could cover what you would add to the skaven to bulk them up; potentially this could allow someone to acquire two armies for relatively little investment in cash. This idea could then maybe also be extended to other armies, so you start with two battalion sets and then talk about what you would add to round out a decent army.

I covered expanding a Skaven army based on the Island of Blood set so this time I do it with High Elves.

Starting with 2 sets of Island of Blood you can add a Battlion and a Phoenix to get:

Noble on Griffon
30 Lothern Sea Guard, Full Command
30 Lothern Sea Guard, Full Command
5 Reavers
5 Reavers
8 Silver Helms
20 Swordmasters, Full Command
Tiranoc Chariot
Great Eagle


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Daily Episode 71 – News Round-Up

Bad Dice

Daily Episode 71 – News Round-Up

I have a round up of all the big news stories over the last week.  The Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures finishes at $3.4m and the Mantic Dreadball kickstarter clears $60,000 in its first weekend.  Games Workshop release the Dark Vengance Box Set, a custom cut foam figure case and also announce Warhammer Quest for the iPad.


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