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Daily Episode 85 – WFB 500 and White Dwarf revamp news

Bad Dice WFB 500 is announced. White Dwarf is getting a revamp, a new team and a new Daily Blog.  I want to say a huge thanks to everyone for all the feedback i have been getting over the last few days.  The recent episodes 80, 83 and 84  went down very well and I have been inundated with Tweets, Emails and Facebook messages.  If you are enjoying the daily show then the best thing you can do to support it is to tell your friends to listen.  Word of Mouth is the best advertisement I can get. After that if you still want to support the show you can leave a review on iTunes

I wrote a blog post about the White Dwarf Daily news.

WFB 500

In this episode I talked about my plans for Bad Dice WFB 500.  It is a series of 500 point warhammer tounaments that I plan to hold at various gaming clubs around the UK.  My thinking behind the event is that the weekends are ruled by the huge amount of 2 day Warhammer tournaments held almost every single weekend in the UK

My hopes for the event are that once a month I travel to a gaming club and run a 3 game 500 point tournament.  Local players get involved but it might also attract players from surrounding areas.  I get to travel to clubs and get a chance to meet up with players that don’t attend tournaments, its a fast and dirty event, done and dusted in 3 hours and will give ‘club gamers’ the chance to see how much fun a tournament can be.

How will WFB 500 work?

I want to start by hitting the gaming centers and making a little profit that can be used to buy terrain so when I go to some smaller clubs that may not have loads of terrain I can still run a good sized event.  This obviously give me a great chance to create some great content for the show by documenting all the terrain building and reporting on all the events.

I will be setting up a section on the site for the WFB 500 series that can eventually be visited at and there will also be both a tournament calander section to the site and also a Gaming Club Directory.

I’m hoping to get to the Open War tournament this weekend so keep and eye on Snake Eyes for some recording and pics from the event.  You can also check out the Mohammer, Clash of Swords recordings that are going up this weekend





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