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Hi, my name is Marcus Pitt. Back in October 2011, I was fortunate enough to be offered an advance copy of the Horus Heresy novel, Deliverance Lost. The only stipulation was that I had to come onto the next episode of the Bad Dice podcast to review the novel. It turns out I enjoyed talking about the Horus Heresy almost as much as I enjoy reading about it. Over time, I started posting more and more on twitter; generally snippets of news or updates on the latest novel I was reading.

Recently podcasting superstar Ben Curry asked if I’d be interested in blogging about the heresy. I’m not sure whether this is just to shut me up on twitter, or out of genuine interest in my thoughts on the heresy. But in either case, with a certain amount of trepidation, here goes the first in what I hope will be an entertaining series of blog posts on all that’s happening in the world of the Horus Heresy.

So without any further ado…

Horus Heresy Rising…

It’s a fantastic time for anyone interested in the Horus Heresy. Not only have we had the recent release of both Fear to Tread (the first sighting of the Blood Angels since Horus Rising) and Shadows of Treachery (a short story compilation containing two cracking new stories), but we’ve had a couple of unexpected treats with a short story in the Gamesday 2012 Anthology and a new audio drama, in the Garro series, Burden of Duty. I plan on covering all of these in more detail in future blog posts, but for HH fans I would highly recommend both novels and the audio drama. On the other hand, the Heresy story in the Gamesday Anthology could effectively be just another generic 40K story. That’s not say it isn’t well written, but it just didn’t take me to the 30K era.

Shadows of Treachery – a recent anthology containing 2 superb new short stories
Shadows of Treachery

Now I’ll admit it upfront. I’m a huge fan (fanboy?!?) of all things Horus Heresy related. As John Walters of twitter fame (although I forget his twitter name) put it, “All GW need to do is put ‘Horus Heresy’ on a product and you just can’t help yourself, can you?”. Guilty as charged… but even accepting this as fact, I genuinely believe the next few months are going to be even more special!

Firstly, Black Library have just closed the ‘for a limited time only’ release window for their latest limited edition novella, Brotherhood of the Storm. After the frustration suffered by many people trying to order the previous two limited edition novellas (Promethean Sun and Aurelian) with crashing websites and consequently being unable to get hold of the novellas, the limited release concept is a great idea as far as I’m concerned. In short, there was a window of 7 days to order this novella and the print run is being set by the demand. This has to be a good thing as it means that anyone who wants the book, and is willing to pay for it, can own a copy. Whether it lessens the financial value having more copies in circulation remains to be seen, but quite frankly I’d rather more people owned the book than having it worth a few extra quid to me!

From a fan’s perspective, Brotherhood of the Storm finally sees the introduction of the White Scars into the series (barring half of an uneventful chapter towards the end of Descent of Angels). More importantly, this will be the first involvement of Jaghatai Khan in the heresy series. As the subtitle to the novella puts it so eloquently, The Khan Rides to War!

The eagerly anticipated Brotherhood of the Storm
Brotherhood of the Storm

Secondly, Black Library have announced the introduction of hardback collectors editions to the heresy series, starting with the forthcoming Graham McNeill novel Angel Exterminatus. As a proud owner of the initial hardback release of Horus Rising (and someone who consistently destroys paperbacks in the bath) I’m happy with this move. I’m less happy with the plans to rerelease the entire previous Horus Heresy series as collectors editions, but mostly because I can see me buying them all eventually!!

New collectors edition hardback Angel Exterminatus

Angel Exterminatus

Last, but certainly not least, is the much heralded introduction of the Forgeworld Horus Heresy era range of models and supporting information. Whilst I don’t play 40K, I still admire the stunning models being released, none more so than the first of the Primarch models, Angron. But the announcement I am most looking forward to is the new Forgeworld Supplement, ‘Betrayal’. Focusing on the events leading up to the events on Istvaan III and the purging of the loyalists from the traitor legions, Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Emperor’s Children and Death Guard, the supplement should contain enough background material to satisfy readers of the novels (like myself) as well as hardcore 40K gamers. Having said that, at £70 (plus p&p for those of us not fortunate enough to live near Nottingham) this isn’t for the feint hearted! I’ve fortunately just received my copy – unfortunately I only had hold of it for 15 minutes before it was taken from me to be wrapped up for Christmas. Gutted!

Well that’s enough waffle for now from me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you’ve liked it and want to read more, I will be posting up here again in the not too distant future. if you have any feedback, or any topics you would like to see covered, please post it up here. Alternatively catch me on twitter on @marcoos14

All the best,

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