Snake Eyes Members Blood and Glory Tickets


I’m pleased to announce that the Blood and Glory tickets are now available.

At check out YOU MUST ADD YOUR SNAKE EYES USERNAME in the notes section or your order will get cancelled and you may miss out on a ticket!

The bits you have been waiting for!

Warhammer Championships
WFB 500
WFB 1200
WFB Skirmish
Painting Seminar
Gaming Seminar
Horus Heresy Seminar
Podcasting Seminar

These pages are hidden on the site so you will only be able to access them by these links, you can follow a link, add ticket to cart then follow another link and do the same and the cart will remember your previous visit.

Rules Packs for Warhammer Championships and Painting Scores are available now on the Downloads section of the website

If you have any problems with these just let me know.

I look forwards to seeing you at Blood and Glory

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