Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

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Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

It’s quite a ballsy start to the show, “How I Lost The Midlands Open” is a big statement but  I really believe that I did lose the Midlands Open and in this episode of the podcast I try to analyse what I did wrong to fall from winning it last year to not even winning a single game of warhammer on the first day of the 2012 event.

I take a look at the errors I made in judging the meta game that had not only developed due to recent army books but also around that fact that the rules pack was both Win, Loss or Draw, a system that is seen less and less in the UK, but also contained secret missions that on their own could swing a game.

Not only did I have a bad list but I also played it very wrong in some match-ups.  I look at those games and address the issues that came from poor deployment, poor decision making and poor motivation.

I talk about some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided if you want to finish highly at a big event and some tips on how you can identyfy the problems and work around them.

I look at a few of the games that I initially said I lost due to bad luck, crazy dice or other excuses and pick out the problems with my game play, focusing on the mistakes I made in the game, what I could have done to avoid those mistakes and hopfully improve in those areas in the future.

Finally I round off with what is a big tip to help you along the path towards winning tournaments.

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Episode 87 – Pillage and Midlands Open Tournaments

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Episode 87 – Pillage and Midlands Open Tournaments

In episode 87 we talk about 2 recent tournaments, a bunch of warm up games, some movies, audio books and all the latest GW news.

We have an episode sponsor

Note from James Brown:
Hey Ben – If I can sponsor a daily mate,Shout out to @parttimer and me @Gas_Monkey82 we are travelling from Auckland to Tauranga NZ Open WFHB Tournament 8/9 September 2012 – 2400 points (onsite bar) no comp special characters allowed and we are going to take the locals toys off (they are listeners)


This months White Dwarf has a Daemons of Chaos supplement with new models and rules for the army. New plastic Plague Bearers, Nurglings, Screamers and Flamers. New additions to the range in Seeker Chariots and Hellflayer and the Soul Render.

We give our thoughts on it all.

Fortnight in fantasy

This episode had a backwards fortnight in fantasy, we started with ‘other’ then moved on to gaming.

Mark and Gareth have been listening to Red and black by James swallow and Labirynth of sorrows by Greg Mann. Ben picked up American gods by Neil Gaiman from Audible

Mark has been painting Orcs and Goblins again. Gareth played against Sandy Wilson and Mark played James Harding.

Pillage report.

We talk about the Portsmouth Pillage

Midlands Open

We talk about the Midlands Open


Gareth fields some listener questions.

Daily Episode 52 – Top 5 Vermin Lord Alternatives

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Daily Episode 52 – Top 5 Vermin Lord Alternatives

I talk about the top 5 units that could be used for an alternative to the ‘Best Vermin Lord’ as it was run at the Midlands Open.  The units I mention are Dragons, Giants, Daemon Princes and Manticores as well as the humble Silver Helm. I give my thoughts on why each of them are not used so much and why it would make a fun competition to see who has the best one.

Daily Episode 51 – Midlands Open and Vampires

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Daily Episode 51 – Midlands Open and Vampires

This episode was recorded at the Midlands Open, I grabbed an interview with Raf Harbinson to get the lowdown on Vampire Counts and the current build that’s becoming popular in the UK. I also give some of my thoughts on the tournament the weekend, the results and painting controversy!

If you want to hear more from Raf you can follow him on twitter

I announce the winner of the Golem Painting Studio ticket.

Daily Episode 33 – Vermin Lord list discussion with Mark and Gareth

Daily Episode 33 – Vermin Lord list discussion with Mark and Gareth

The Midlands Open 2012 is fast approaching and Mark has decided to join the contest for the top Vermin Lord player.  We have a chat about his list and what he’s taking to try and make a slightly different Skaven army led by the aspect of the Horned Rat himself.  This is a new format for the daily as we to a ‘live’ writing of a list.  I would love to hear if you think it works well or not.  Also, let me know what rules you want covering in tomorrows show.

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