What going on with Bad Dice – 2024 update

The Bad Dice podcast has been retired.

While there was no official “Last Episode” we have not published since the Lumineth Realm Lords review in 2020 and even prior to that the episodes were few and far between since the Bad Dice Daily show finished.

Real life gets in the way and 2020 was a huge change of direction at home and work for me which left very little time or motivation for hobby and events.

I’m still semi-active in the hobby enjoying a few events per year and doing the odd bit of painting with Lily and Alfie. The most common thing for me is to spend a day at Warhammer world with Alfie doing some painting and looking around the museum.


The Blood and Glory tournament didn’t run in 2020 due to the pandemic and has never returned.

Mark Wildman now runs the very successful War in the Heartland event in Leicester with help from a few of the old Blood and Glory crew.

The Rankings and Masters also got let by the wayside. The lack of events meant there was a lack of submissions. Others in the scene tried to take over the mantle but noting has really stuck, so in 2024 the Rankings and Masters will be making a return with a new team behind it. Keep you eyes peeled for this announcement.

We still have all the terrain and mats that were bought for Blood and Glory and these are available to hire for Age of Sigmar and 40K events


The TGA Community forums are still active and ran by myself with help from a fantastic moderator team.

The Bad Dice UK Rankings are making a return this year with a new admin team to take charge of of the system

The last few years has seen a bit of a hole in the organised UK tournament community. There have been a resurgence or amazing events, but a lack of a single place to promote and talk about them.

I hope that the new rankings team will be the champions of this and bring back an events comment that was lost when the old Warhammer forums went away with the coming of AOS. TGA tried to recreate this in the last few editions, but some of the local events community aspect was lost and has never really returned.

What’s App and Discord chats are easy to use day to day but lack some of the accessibility of an open forum.

I’m excited to see what the team comes up with.


This year was the 15th anniversary since the launch of the podcast. I’ve met 100’s, if not 1000’s of amazing people from all around the world who have supported the show and made some life long friends through the podcast and hobby.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years with the Bad Dice podcast and events, TGA Community and Scenery Dice.

A huge thanks to my Co-Hosts Mark and Gareth, Ben J, and many of the other guests we had on the show over the years.

I hope to see you again in the future at an event for a beer or two.


P.s. If you really want to hear me on a podcast again you might come across some of my work based YouTube and TikTok videos and numerous podcast guest episodes! Who would have thought years of hobby tinkering would roll into my real like job as an electrician!

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