Daily Episode 89 – How I Do My Bases


Simple Tips For Great Looking Bases

In this episode I talk about some of the things I do to paint my bases.  These tips are really simple but produce great results.

I always build up my bases.  I do this using a variety of materials from other bases, to Polyfiller and the usual things like greenstuf and Miliput.  This stops your bases looking flat and gives them the illusion of more going on.

I like to use slate in my bases where possible, even if its a very small amount.  This breaks of the sand and again adds to the effect of it looking busy.  Once the base is built up and some slate has been added I cover it with sand.

When It comes to painting I like to use as few colours as possible.  My Brown/Grey combo get base coated brown and grey on the stone, then I drybrush the complete base with a Kommando Khaki or similar colour and the same highlight across the 2 different colours ties them together nicely.  My stone Chaos Dwarf Bases are very similar but it all get painted grey.  its exactly the same technique but just a different base colour.

Top top it off I like to use a few different colours of grass and also the tufts.  Mixing the types of grass, or putting a few different patches both has a good effect.  The tufs add a different texture.

This all results in a great looking base for a small amount of work.

Check out the Forums to see some examples of my bases.



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