Announcing The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

I am very happy to announce The 2013 Bad Dice Hobby Challenge. This is the first time we have run such a challenge and it has been inspired by a previous effort from the guys over at Heelanhammer who has a series of hobby blogs on their forums and more recently the Independant Characters 40K Podcast who ran a Hobby Progress Challenge last year and are repeating it in 2012.

I have been planning something for Bad Dice in 2013 and having chatted with Hobby Hero Steve Wren and also the Carl from the IC Podcast I decided to follow their lead and stick to their tried and tested format.

The goal of the challenge is for you to have an tournament level 2400 painted point army by the end of the year and also an awesome blog of the progress on your army to look back on.

Here are the rules for the challenge:

  • Start a thread in the 2013 Hobby Blog Challenge  section of the forums in the following format: Name – Army
  • Post your proposed army list in the thread.
  • Each month you must complete painting at least one Unit, Monster or Character to tournament standards (3 color minmum).
  • Please show before and after pictures to get credit for a model or unit.
  • If you have fewer units than months in the challenge, you just have to complete the painted army.
  • If at any time you exceed the painting challenge (ie: You complete your entire army prior to the challenge being over) you still qualify for the grandprize.
  • You must have the entire 2400 point army completed by November 30th 2013.
  • We will accept models that are already primed, basecoated, or stripped. They do not have to be NEW but this should be their starting point.
  • You are allowed to change your army or list at any time, but you MUST have the completed 2400 army, which is painted during the contest, at the end of the challenge to qualify.
  • All games systems are welcome, not just Warhammer Fantasy but if you are doing a 40k are I recommend that you join the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge

It sounds more complicated than it really is. You basically just commit to paint something each month until you are done!

Everyone loves a prize and it is also a great incentive to get things done. With that in mind, we’ve got a load of different contests in mind, including periodic (perhaps even monthly awards) to participants, a great prize contest for those who complete, and a ‘participants’ prize drawing for those players who fall short of their final goals.

For every month that the Hobby Challenge is met, the Challenger will receive one entry into the drawing for the Grand Prize – for a total of 11 entries. (Prize still yet to be determined) If the challenger falls short, each month they completed their goals will enter them in the “Participants” Prize Drawing, so that you still have a chance to win something for all your hard work.

If you have met the goal of the Hobby Challenge on November 30th, 2013 – you are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing (Prize still to be determined – but it will be a good one!). Even if you miss a goal from month to month, if at the end of the period you have completed the 2400 Point army, you are eligible for the grand prize (you just have fewer entries into the drawing if you miss a month).

After the Grand Prize is drawn, we will have a drawing for the Participants Prize (Prize yet to be determined!). For every month of your commitments that you have met, even if you haven’t finished your 2400 point army, you qualify for one entry into the drawing for the participants prize. So if you only met six of your months goals, you would have six entries into the Participants Prize. If you finished your full 2400 points woth of models but didn’t win the Grand Prize, you are still eligible to win the Participants Prize!

Prizes will be drawn in the first episode of December of 2013.

Hobby Progress Challenge FAQ:

Q: What if I complete my whole army ahead of schedule?
A: There is no penalty for completing your army early! If you do, you qualify for all entries into the Grand Prize and Participants Prize drawings.

Q: I have already started painting an army and I am about halfway done. Can I just build on that for my entry into The Hobby Progress Challenge?
A: The purpose of the challenge is to all work together to drive each other to meet our goals from beginning to end. However, we also understand that not everyone wants to run out and buy a brand new army right now while they are in the process of working on one. So we have compromised on this a little bit. Once you have provided a list for your army, you should indicate which units are already painted on the list. You should then come up with an expansion to your army which is equal to the number of points that you have painted already. You can then use these units to supplement your army.

Q: When do I have to put up my commitment for the month?
A: You MUST put up your commitment for the coming month prior to the 1st of the month. Likewise, the completion of your commitment must be BEFORE the 1st of the following month. (So the last day of the month)

Q: What if my models are already primed and/or basecoated?
A: This is fine. Just make sure you post the picture of them in their primed/basecoated condition. We aren’t going to be too stickler about this here. But the idea is that you are working from a clean palette. So models that you have purchased on ebay and then stripped/primed are fine. We don’t need to see the models prior to assembly!

Q: When does the challenge start?
The challenge officially starts right now! You do NOT have to post list or your first unit choice prior to January. Just publish your before pictures and list before you get started.

Updated information will be made available here:

If you have any additional questions, please post them in the thread there so Hobby Hero Steve Wren can answer them and then update the FAQ.

And Finally…

A huge thanks to Steve for offering to moderate the hobby challenge and also to Carl and the guys from the Independent Characters Podcast for letting me shamelessly steal their idea, rules and experience from previous years.

Thanks and good luck !

Daily Episode 89 – How I Do My Bases


Simple Tips For Great Looking Bases

In this episode I talk about some of the things I do to paint my bases.  These tips are really simple but produce great results.

I always build up my bases.  I do this using a variety of materials from other bases, to Polyfiller and the usual things like greenstuf and Miliput.  This stops your bases looking flat and gives them the illusion of more going on.

I like to use slate in my bases where possible, even if its a very small amount.  This breaks of the sand and again adds to the effect of it looking busy.  Once the base is built up and some slate has been added I cover it with sand.

When It comes to painting I like to use as few colours as possible.  My Brown/Grey combo get base coated brown and grey on the stone, then I drybrush the complete base with a Kommando Khaki or similar colour and the same highlight across the 2 different colours ties them together nicely.  My stone Chaos Dwarf Bases are very similar but it all get painted grey.  its exactly the same technique but just a different base colour.

Top top it off I like to use a few different colours of grass and also the tufts.  Mixing the types of grass, or putting a few different patches both has a good effect.  The tufs add a different texture.

This all results in a great looking base for a small amount of work.

Check out the Forums to see some examples of my bases.



Daily Episode 84 – Painting Motivation Revisited With Club 200

Painting Motivation Revisited With Club 200

Daily Episode 84 – Painting Motivation Revisited With Club 200

Today I talk revisits a subject that I talked about back on Episode 59 when I had Steve Wren on the show.  We discussed ways to stay motivated when you are in a big painted project and want to get though it, of staring at models and just trying to will paint onto them.  Since that episode I have really made a lot of painting progress and am getting through my Chaos Dwarfs but I have the feeling that it will be short lived and I can see the painters block setting in again.

To try and shif that block I am starting up with the Club 200 that is being organised by members of The Warhammer Forum.

So what is Club 200?

From the guy who set it all up:

Club 200 is the Glass Cabinet’s painting support group. Join now for the chance to own a fully painted 2400 point army!

How does it work? 

The basic idea is that each month you paint 200 points of your Warhammer army. At the end of the year, you have a fully painted 2400 point army. Hurrah.

How do I join?

Easy. Just add a reply to this thread!

What do I have to do?

Each month you goal is to paint roughly 200 points of your army, take a picture and post it in the Club 200 monthly thread.

What if I paint more than 200 points?

Sometimes your monthly contribution will be more than 200 points, that’s fine. You are aiming to average 200 points each month, but there will always be some fluctuations. If you paint a vampire lord one month, worth 400 points, you have a 200 point advantage, which you may well need the in the next two months when you have to tackle 100 zombies!

What if I paint less than 200 points? 

Again, that’s fine, you can make up for it in following months.

What if I miss a month? 

Real life gets in the way sometimes for us all, or we get tired of our toys, or something distracts us. No problem. You can take a break for 2 of the 12 months, either make up your losses in super productive subsequent months, or scale back your end of year target to a 2000 point army. If you miss more than 2 months, you are not “fired” from the Club, but you might have to face the fact that you were not up to the job!

I like the idea, but I wouldn’t be able to commit to a whole year. Can I still join?

Yes, you can. Real men can keep it up for 12 months, but we make allowances for part-timers in Club 200. The year will be divided into four seasons, so you could just join in for one or more of those.

What if I don’t play Warhammer? 

Then you are not a real man. No wait, I mean, No problem. Just scale your monthly target to your chosen system. If that doesn’t make sense, sketch out your whole unpainted army, divide it up into 12 roughly equal chunks, and you are ready to get started.

What if I change my mind about my army?

No worries. As long as you get something done each month, it all helps. You might want to use the Club to help you add on to several existing armies, rather than just work on one army.

When does it start?

September 1, 2012 is the official start date. That allows several weeks to get your plans sorted out, get your toys ready, start assembling, maybe even get a head start on the painting. September 30, 2012 is the first deadline, for your first 200 points of painted army. I will get a new thread started at the beginning of each month. You can post into that thread with your monthly effort, but I would encourage you to start a plog to cover your painting wips and plans in detail.

It all sounds good. How do I get started? 

Sign up in this thread. You can sketch out a plan for the whole year if you are really organised, or maybe a shorter term 3 month target, or just sign up now and decide in a few weeks what you will do.

I am so excited I don’t want to wait until September? What can I do?

Start your own painting log here in the Glass Cabinet. You can reference Club 200 in the title if you want, but you don’t have to. Tell us your plans, post pictures if you get started straight away. Get a head start on your project, don’t be shy!

That’s it folks. Many of you will have seen this kind of thing before, we have had several in the GC and there are plenty of similar schemes on other forums. Be warned, it’s hard work and the dropout rate is high, which is why there are no rules as such, just guidelines to help you stick to your targets. If you make it through to the end of the year, you get undying admiration from your fellow forumites, you may well find your painting skills have improved, you even get a fully painted army.


As I said already, this is run on The Warhammer Forum.  I will be taking part and it would be great if a few more Bad Dice listeners also joined in the fun and got back or keep up that painting motivation!


Daily Episode 59 – Painting Motivation and Extra Life

Bad Dice Daily

Daily Episode 59 – Painting Motivation and Extra Life

I have 2 guests on the show for a bumper double episode today, Steve Wren shares some ideas about Painting Motivation and The Cranky Lawyer tell us all about the Extra Life charity fund raiser.


US Tournament Player rundown

I just wanted to take a moment to share a post that I saw on The Warhammer Forum this evening.

The post was buried in a discussion about tournament results for a recent US Tournament The Buckeye Battles.  The discussion was going in the direction of the regions of USA and the quality of players in those regions when this came out of nowhere.  Its a great rundown of the ‘names’ on the US tournament circuit.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how many events I’ve done over the years in the UK which is only a fraction of the size of the US, so take if from me when I say the knowledge of the scene that the OP displayed here is exceptional.  I’m sure that if I thought hard about it I could do a similar write up for the UK (and I may do in the future, and even ask other players to do so about their own countries) but to have this in-depth knowledge of such a wide community if really impressive.

So here is the original post.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If I can add my 2 cents,

RE: Buckeye Battles, Looked like it was awesome, Now I’m sorry I missed it. (in fact my entire club was going to check it out, but the website said it was sold out back in May..)

RE: ETC Team, Larry has a point, being that the ETC is a team event, you would be hard pressed to get a working team just by grabbing the best players in the country. Just as im sure England has similar issues, the selection process has to be based on players that trust one another’s abilities, and can reasonably get together to practice (GT’s or otherwise) Also, no one will want to fly thousands of miles to not have a decent chance to win. It sucks that the team is made up of just 2-4 clubs in the USA (Da Boyz, Warmongers, CCG, and Austin Minions depending on the year), but that is the way it has to be. and truth be told, clearly it works. (6th place finish last year, in the USA’s 2nd attempt.)

RE: Regions of the USA.
This is where it kinda gets interesting. Now on the surface, I might have more a passing interest with this kind of stuff, so you will have to excuse my indulgence in the matter. I was the guy, who started the aborted attempt at a US Ranking website ( before transferring my data to the Ranking HQ staff. If you feel so inclined, you can look it up in the wayback machine internet archive. What you will discover is that I have had some contact with all points of the US GT scene with interviews with players in all the regions, so while no one is an exact authority, I have results and records of head to head play from the best players in different regions playing each other. If i had to define the regions I’d go,

Northeast (MD,PA to ME)
Southeast (VA, GA to FL)
Texas (including AR)
West Coast (Mainly northern Cali)
MidWest (OH to IA, IL to MN)

Has three very strong clubs (Warmongers, DA Boyz, CCG) All members of the ETC team, and all winners of multiple Overall, best generals) The region is also host to other clubs that haven’t seen that type of success, but have very good players nontheless (Ratticus’s Lost legion, The Jervis Johnson’s and Scooter’s Inner Circle Club out of MD)
Head to head, this region went 6th vs the world (sans Jordan) at the ETC, and produced the winners of that won the last 2 Adepticon Championships. (which in fact the Fantasy side of Adepticon only really began getting big around 2008-2009, prior to that more regional players showed up.)

Was known for one Club in particular (Page 5 from VA) whom since disbanded, That club (with Jordan B again) did beat their VERY-strong northern rival (the Warmongers) in team event’s in consecutive Necronomicon GT’s (based in Tampa FL) when pitted in the same event. Since 8th, the core members of Page 5 rage quit (much like many of the great Australian players, they hated the new rules) And since the SE region is dominated by 2 clubs, (the Kobra Kai, and the Fancy Lads) The Kobra Kai is made up of some veteran players (like myself) and at least one members of the old Page 5) The Fancy Lad’s best player Lance Lagroue, recently moved back to NYC, to play with the Warmongers. Head to head, the new SE (Kobra Kai) had beaten a NE club in a team scrimmage/challenge (Kobra kai vs Inner Circle at Border Raids 2011) and in Brawler Bash 2010 (Kobra Kai’s Club member won the event (Lord Inquistor on the Warseer Forum), over couple named NE players and ETC players (Segrum) although they did not play head to head.

Including Arkansas, has produced very strong players including the infamous Jordan Braun, Greg Harris, David Bowman and Aaron Chapman (Furgil) who’s dwarfs I would argue has seen the most success of the lot since 8th edition.) The TX lot seem to cross pollinate the most of any region, with the West-Coast guys habitually coming down for the 100 person Alamo GT, and the TX guys returning the favor for the 100 person Quake City Rumble in SF. Also, when competing in the other regions), the TX players have typically yield top 10 placings, and a few Overall wins in the past.

West Coast.
It kinda sucks to label the West Coast particularly out of one region, BUT Northern CA, seems to have the greatest challengers of the West Coast, led by the Leadership 2 Club. That club, i routinely goes to the Alamo, and walks away with most the prizes. Strong and excellent players like Shawn Phillips (who was ranked number 1 in the states for a long time), Mike Sanders, Mike Scalletti, and Derek Wiswell. The dual threat posed by this lot is the fact that their armies are incredible to look at .Back in the 2007 days when the Hillbilly GT was around (100 players) The Leadership 2 lot, would dominate many of the top spots.

In fact as a measure of their skill, lets consult Jordan Braun, in an interview, I had with him for WarhammerUSA.

JP: You have been known to be an avid member of the GT community, playing across the US, and even writing tactic articles for Bell of lost souls, all things considered, which region do you consider to have the toughest competition? What do you consider your greatest achievement GT-wise all of that considered?

JB: I think the hardest room is Quake city rumble or Adepticon. CA has a pretty good group of decent Warhammer players. Adepticon is a grueling 3 day stretch and it is notoriously no comp Warhammer

The Midwest’s good players are getting alot more recognized these days with the advent of podcasts. Provided however, that all of the fantasy American podcasts are based in the Midwest. GT players will know strong players like Joe Rogers, and Johnny Hastings from Point Hammered. Of course there is Dennis Gunia who finishes high, with players like Domus and Rhellion who are established GT players. Gary Luther and his dwarfs also, always finish in the top tables in GT’s that include players from other regions.

If I had to rate the regions based of Overall player skill, from an unbiased view, I’d list them as the following.

1. Northeast. Currently about 5-6 of the top US players reside there (my opinion), Which include Larry M, Brian Moyer, Mike Norton, Alex Schmid and Jarrent Messing. The majority of the USA ETC team play up there, Add to the fact that the region took home the past two Adepticon Fantasy Championships Overall (being the only GT that all the regions could logically participate in head to head ( 6 of the top 20 players in the US reside there) I can also attest from personal experience that I top 5/10 every GT in the SE in the past 2 years, my highest finish in the NE was 15th. Plan to change that at Conflict next Jan.

2.West Coast. The Leadership 2 club leads the way with this region, and while technically the West Coast has more players in the top 20 than any other (7) This region I believe fails from not competing vs the other regions enough (exception being TX) But once they have, the combination of skill and art (army wise) results in high places.

3.Midwest. Off the strength of the Handsome Point boys, Denis and James Hyde (Domus) the Midwest has 4 players in the top 20. I don’t know the success rate of these players when pitted vs the other regions, but needless to say I believe the Midwest has the fastest growing GT scene, which will result in more talent, and more experienced players. Expect this to change.

4.Texas At one point TX was the heart of american warhammer fantasy. TX was some of the strongest players around (Jordan, and Aaron in particular.) The one thing you can say is that the TX players all switch armies on a annual basis, and constantly win. But for the past couple years the TX players have suffered at the hands of the Cali players on their home turf, while unable to return the favor. Also very few of the exceptional TX players travel out of the region, and while Jordan B used to dominate other regions all by himself in the past.These days it’s just not enough. (3 out of the top 20)

5. Southeast My poor region… The SE suffers from lack of players, and talent depletion. With many strong players quitting the game (Chris Long, Rob Canterman, Todd Wiatt, Erik Lindley from BroHammer) and others moving out of the region (Chad Hoggen (oncebitten) moving to OH < the beastman player that finished 2nd at buckeye battles>, and Lance lagroue moving back NE) The GT scene is suffering. The regions best players still perform well against the other regions top players head to head (Jason Conca def Joe Rogers at BB IV and Eoin Whelan (Lord Inquistor) finishing top 3 at Border Raids, the SE players cannot jump high in the rankings due to the local GT’s max out at about 40 players. (can’t max out points and those are the Big ones!) while other Gt’s (Necro in FL) shut down completely. Until the region recovers as a whole, (Nova open GT is gaining traction) the SE will be the bottom dwellers, unless the clubs travel.

(as an aside, if someone knows Aaron Fishkow’s email, I wanted to see if he could get the Kobra kai club (7 members) in the Conflict GT in Jan, basically the South’s best club vs the north competition. )

So, that’s my opinion of the “region’s argument” maybe i’m completely wrong, but those are my thoughts. The thing people must be careful of when judging the regions (particularly by RankingHQ) is the players that are in regions with more GT’s will have more opportunities to get ranking points, so you also have to take into account Head to head in GT’s where members from all the regions participated.

Jerry P


Thanks to Jerry P for posting this and I hope he doesn’t mind me repeating it here.



Empire – The Army Book review

The new Empire army book has arrived and I wanted to take the chance to write my thoughts about it, I know I get to post on the forums, twitter and sound off on the show but I want to start using the website more and what better way to begin.  This is the first in a series of articles about my thoughts about the Empire.

So let’s take a look at the book

Cover Art

Continuing the awesome trend of 8th edition army, The Empire is a 96 page full-colour hardback.  The first thing that is instantly noticeable is the cover art.  All the hardback army books released since 8th edition landed in June 2010 have moved away from the ‘Gothic Warhammer’ of 7th Edition and gone more in the direction of the new plastic kits and wild monsters to give more of a cartoon feel to the current artistic style.  The Empire cover, on the other hand,  has a gritty feel yet still is clearly in the current GW art style.  The one aspect that did change was the focus of the art.  Since Warhammer first moved from a single rule book and into army books back in 4th Edition, the Empire cover art has always been a group of tightly packed men struggling in battle, this cover changes that and depicts a single hero front and centre manning the barricades with his army in the back ground.  A change in direction of the army?


The background sections of the book are as you would expect, it runs through the history from the founding of the empire, the rise of Sigmar, uniting the tribes of men and defeating the Orc horde at Black Fire Pass.  The great campaigns against the Skaven, the loss of the Solland Runfang to Gorbad Ironclaw, the Wars of the Vampire Counts and Magnus the Pious shattering the chaos invasion in very Tolkienesq fashion (the relief of Helm Deep).  There is some stories of old missing, but quite a lot of new background revealed.  The events following the Crowning of the Everchosen in 2519 which were played out in the Storm of Chaos campaign are glossed over. The all references to Valten have been removed, from the timeline aswell as the background of Luthor Huss and Volkmar.  Upon discovering this I did some rereading of the other recent army books and the 8th edition rule book to find that the whole timeline has been reset to pre Archaon’s invasion.

The main story that has been added is the 3rd battle of Black Fire Pass.  Warhammer Forge were previewing an early copy of this book at the recent Forge World open day.  The conversation I had with the games developer in charge of the project said it is a new campaign book along the lines of Tamurkhan which centers around the events at Black fire Pass in 2522.  An Orc invasion is met by the armies of the Empire led by Marius Leitdorf , The Mad Count and Karl Franz.

New Units

The other obvious areas where new background has been introduced is to bring in the new units types.  The Demigryphs are captured from the depths of the Reikwald forest and broken to the will of their riders, while the witch hunters have always been deeply intermingled with the Empire history, putting them into the army book is a small step.  The 2 new Arcane Battle Alters , the Luminark of Hysh and the Celestial Hurricanum have been portrayed as inventions of the highest minds in the respective colleges of magic, and new technology that sits nicely alongside the creations from Nuln.

Magic Items

There has been an awful lot of discussion about the number of items that are included in the new books, I personally don’t see an issue with it.  There are 9 items in the Empire book and while I am not an Empire player I can still give a good summary of the background and attribute of each item by reading only its title.  Other than the Imperial Banner or one of the items relating to Magnus the Pious I am hard pressed to think of  any that are embedded so deeply in the history of the empire that they are worth a place in the list.


By far my favourite piece in the book is on page 33 and shows a Fire Mage with his cloak billowing and staff ablaze.  This was a half page black and white image in the 7th edition book and has been reproduced in colour for the latest version.
So that about concludes my overview of the book itself.  Overall I am very happy with the feel of the book.  It’s packed with great art, background and cool pictures enough to be an excellent purchase even if you are not interested in the rules.Other new works that stand out are the images for the Luminark and the Hurricanum and the new art for Karl Franz.  The old images from previous books are still included, the stand out one being the image of the Griffon riders attacking the giants from the Warhammer 8th rulebook.


What do you guys think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

If you enjoyed this article you might want to keep an eye out for my views on the New Empire models in the next article and to round out the series I will talk about the New Empire Rules.