Daily Episode 90 – How To Beat Skaven

How to beat Skaven

Advice For How To Beat Skaven

I was just sitting down to record this episode when I received and email from a guy called Simon Kwok asking me for advice on how to beat Skaven.  I thought this would make a great topic so decided to record the episode right away

Some of the tips is give are to bring flaming attacks of some sort to deal with the Abomination, the good thing about fire magic is that it is also useful to deal with the gutter runners.  The Doomwheel can be a huge problem for some armies so you need to decide early in the game what your biggest problem will be and focus on killing that first.  Try to deal with the Abomb and Gutter Runners before getting stuck on the slaves.

You can bring Death magic to put pressure on the Skaven Characters.  Forcing them into 1 unit to pass on the magic resistance is a good way to limit their impact on the whole battlefield.  You can force them to choose between various threats by making them choose to face one or the other.  Doom and Darkness is great for clearing the slaves.

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