BDD 204 – Running Away!

running away

Running Away!

Today I talk about running away and some of the tactics used when fleeing.

With the releases of Warriors of Chaos (that are often Marked Khorne) and Daemons of Chaos that can’t flee, the ability to run away can be a well used tool and will be even more useful in the coming months.

I talked about the double flee tactic back in episode 14 and in this show I will give some more ideas that you should think about when running away.

The trusty Glade Riders return as I give examples of how units should be positioned when fleeing, how they will move and what you can anticipate during the action.  There are things that you can do to alter where your units final position will be and I tell you how to do these tricks to run rings around your opponents.

I also talk about how you can be prepared for what will happen after you have decided to run away, and how to make sure that all goes according to plan.


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Daily Episode 14 – The Double Flee

Today I talk about the Double Flee tactic.  A nice trick to use to delay your opponents nasty units.

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