BDD 204 – Running Away!

running away

Running Away!

Today I talk about running away and some of the tactics used when fleeing.

With the releases of Warriors of Chaos (that are often Marked Khorne) and Daemons of Chaos that can’t flee, the ability to run away can be a well used tool and will be even more useful in the coming months.

I talked about the double flee tactic back in episode 14 and in this show I will give some more ideas that you should think about when running away.

The trusty Glade Riders return as I give examples of how units should be positioned when fleeing, how they will move and what you can anticipate during the action.  There are things that you can do to alter where your units final position will be and I tell you how to do these tricks to run rings around your opponents.

I also talk about how you can be prepared for what will happen after you have decided to run away, and how to make sure that all goes according to plan.


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BDD 175 – Feint and Flank

feint and flank

Feint and Flank

This episode is about the Feint and Flank tactics that I have seen put to great use recently.  Its kind of a Scare tactic.  I talk about how to make them work with various armies, and yes I forgot Daemons!!!
  • Beastmen – Flying Doom Bull
  • Skaven –  Abomb and Doom Wheel
  • High Elves – Dragon Princes or a Dragon
  • Dark Elves – Hydras
  • Vampire Counts – Varghiests, large unit.
  • Ogres – Tom used a Stone Horn to great effect a Scouting Man Eater unit could do a similar job
  • Empire – Steam Tank
  • Orcs and Goblins – Chariots, Manglers and pump Wagons.
  • Brettonia – Pegasus Knights or a big lance
  • Tomb Kings – Tricky one really any ideas?
  • Dwarfs – Rangers, Anvil, Miners Warmachines
  • Wood Elves – Treemen pushing into the guns
  • Lizardmen – Scar Vets and Skinks
  • Warriors – I think the new book will have a hundred options.
  • Chaos Dwarfs – This whole army is geared towards this tactic with the Destroyer, Iron Daemons, Bale Taurus and Centaurs


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BDD 159 – Tactics Against Siren Song

Siren Song

Tactics Against Siren Song

In this episode I am taking a look at some tactics that you can employ when facing Daemons of Chaos with Siren Song.  These can also be put to use against the Master Rune Of Challenge found in the Dwarf army.

First, lets take a look at the actual Siren Song rules as found on Page 94 of the Daemons of Chaos army book.

Siren Song

One Use Only.  This Gift is used once during the enemy turn, before charges are declared. Nominate one enemy within 20″ of the Daemon – this unit must be able to charge according to the normal Warhammer rules.  The target must either declare a charge against the Daemon (or the unit it is with) or immediately flee, exactly as if it had failed a Panic test.

My tactic’s for facing Siren Song are below.  These are only the summaries, listen to the episode for a more in depth explanation.

1. Keep your eye on the ball.

The most common problem that players have is simply forgetting about the fact that your opponent may have this option up his sleeve.  Its an out of sequence action that is not seen too often and in some cases you might never face it unless a local member of your gaming group is using it.  You should write it down at the start of the game.  Writing things down always helps you to remember them later.  It is important to think about what could happen in the following turn if the Siren moves and where it could end up.   Check the possible places that the Siren could finish it’s movement and base your turn with that posibility in mind.  Its also essential that you think about this during deployment.  The last thing you want is to remember about Siren Song just after your opponent has won the roll for turn 1 and put you in a bad position.

2. Your going to have to charge so…

You get the option to flee from Siren Song but often you will be in a position where that is not an option.  To get around this you have to make sure that when you charge it is on your terms.  My Dark Elf Dragon used to enjoy charging the Daemonette unit along with a hydra and 2 chariots.  A good Daemon player will try to use his support to stop this happening, you can use the other tips in this episode to delay the combat until it is on your terms.

3. Flee to safety.  

Fleeing is an option, but its not always as safe as it appears.  Beware of furies lurking with a 22″ range of forcing you to flee again.  You should try to flee through a friendly unit to make sure you get away.

4. Turn around

Turn vulnerable units around.  It’s pretty simple but effective.  Try not to leave yourself out of position.

5. Stack them up.

Positioning one unit in front of another to protect the rear unit from declaring a charge is another good way of limiting what the siren song can do.

6. Death Magic.

You can use Death Magic to kill the Slaanesh Herald before you get pulled in.  Just be aware that 24″ range is awfully short when you have a whole Daemon army running at you

7. Charge another unit in the way

This one is tricky to set up and also situational.  There are no rules governing the order in which you move your chargers when it come to siren song.  You must declare the Siren charge first, but since 8th edition was released, moving chargers is a totally separate to the order that you declared them.  You could have a friendly unit complete or fail a charge and block the charge path of the siren song unit.  This is difficult to pull off, but its worth knowing and having in your back pocket when needed.

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Daily Episode 14 – The Double Flee

Today I talk about the Double Flee tactic.  A nice trick to use to delay your opponents nasty units.

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