BDD 249 – Hobby Blog Update

Hobby Blog Update

Today I have a catch-up of the Hobby Blog Challenge and talk about some of the recent completed pledges that caught my eye.

There are some awesome entries into the hobby blogs and its not too late to join in the fun!  Enter now and if you complete your army by the end of the year you will get the same amount of entries into the prize draw as if you had joined up in Jan.


March Completed Pledges

April Completed Pledges

Here are a few pics from the 2 months.

hobby challenge

hobby challenge

hobby challenge 3

hobby challenge 4


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BDD 178 – Hobby Challenge Update

hobby challenge

Hobby Challenge Update

I have a rundown of the January Hobby Challenge entries and pick out the best ones.

Jay – Slaaneshi WoC – My pick of the month.  Jay has used High Elves and Dark Eldar parts to create a Slanneshi Warriors Of Chaos army.

Roy’s Undead Orcs and Goblins – Titan Forge models to make an Undead Orc and Goblin army

Tenorikuma — Empire (Stirland) – A very clean looking Empire army

Re: Ricky Fischer – Night Goblin Horde (2.0) – Another clean colour scheme, this time on goblins.

Nick Peart – Ogres: Empire-Style – Fantastic green stuff work.

Paul the Canadian , Does Thamurkhan and the Host of Decay – A huge amount of models painted in a short time.  This is the start of a stunning army.

You can see all the challenges by heading over to the forums.

hobby challenge hobby challenge hobby challenge hobby challenge hobby challenge hobby challenge hobby challenge
hobby challenge hobby challenge


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BDD 156 – Hobby Challenge and Plastic Eagles

Plastic Eagles

Hobby Challenge and Plastic Eagles

Episode 156 kicks off 2013 and I have a recap of the hobby things that have been going on over the last 2 weeks, the Bad Dice Hobby Challenge and the Plastic Eagles from the Hobbit Releases.

Over Christmas I had chance to really get stuck into my Chaos Dwarfs.  The going is still pretty slow but I am making consistent progress.  I am nearly half way through my Bull Centaur unit and have finished my Magma Cannon.  I have painted my 3 Centaurs using 3 different methods for the skin but one of them I am not all that happy with.  i’m hoping thta I will be able to salvage it rather than needing a full repaint.

The Magma Cannon crew I am very pleased with and I think they may be the best job I have done for years.  Shame its on the crew of a War machine that will never get seen!

The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

On New Years Day I announced the Bad Dice Hobby Chalklenge.  I borrowed the idea from the guys over at the Independent Characters Podcast.  You can find my details about it by reading the announcement and signing up On The Forums.

The blogs I talk about on the show are

Plastic Eagles

What Dwarf was released at the weekend and hidden amongst all the Dark Angels releases were these gems.  Plastic eagles.  Every High Elf player will be picking up a box of these guys and I predict that it will be the most ‘non warhammer’ model seen in Warhammer Armies this year.  I’m very surprised it has taken this long to get a plastic eagle release.


Og Games. You can visit them at To check out their awesome sale!


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Announcing The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

The Bad Dice Hobby Challenge

I am very happy to announce The 2013 Bad Dice Hobby Challenge. This is the first time we have run such a challenge and it has been inspired by a previous effort from the guys over at Heelanhammer who has a series of hobby blogs on their forums and more recently the Independant Characters 40K Podcast who ran a Hobby Progress Challenge last year and are repeating it in 2012.

I have been planning something for Bad Dice in 2013 and having chatted with Hobby Hero Steve Wren and also the Carl from the IC Podcast I decided to follow their lead and stick to their tried and tested format.

The goal of the challenge is for you to have an tournament level 2400 painted point army by the end of the year and also an awesome blog of the progress on your army to look back on.

Here are the rules for the challenge:

  • Start a thread in the 2013 Hobby Blog Challenge  section of the forums in the following format: Name – Army
  • Post your proposed army list in the thread.
  • Each month you must complete painting at least one Unit, Monster or Character to tournament standards (3 color minmum).
  • Please show before and after pictures to get credit for a model or unit.
  • If you have fewer units than months in the challenge, you just have to complete the painted army.
  • If at any time you exceed the painting challenge (ie: You complete your entire army prior to the challenge being over) you still qualify for the grandprize.
  • You must have the entire 2400 point army completed by November 30th 2013.
  • We will accept models that are already primed, basecoated, or stripped. They do not have to be NEW but this should be their starting point.
  • You are allowed to change your army or list at any time, but you MUST have the completed 2400 army, which is painted during the contest, at the end of the challenge to qualify.
  • All games systems are welcome, not just Warhammer Fantasy but if you are doing a 40k are I recommend that you join the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge

It sounds more complicated than it really is. You basically just commit to paint something each month until you are done!

Everyone loves a prize and it is also a great incentive to get things done. With that in mind, we’ve got a load of different contests in mind, including periodic (perhaps even monthly awards) to participants, a great prize contest for those who complete, and a ‘participants’ prize drawing for those players who fall short of their final goals.

For every month that the Hobby Challenge is met, the Challenger will receive one entry into the drawing for the Grand Prize – for a total of 11 entries. (Prize still yet to be determined) If the challenger falls short, each month they completed their goals will enter them in the “Participants” Prize Drawing, so that you still have a chance to win something for all your hard work.

If you have met the goal of the Hobby Challenge on November 30th, 2013 – you are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing (Prize still to be determined – but it will be a good one!). Even if you miss a goal from month to month, if at the end of the period you have completed the 2400 Point army, you are eligible for the grand prize (you just have fewer entries into the drawing if you miss a month).

After the Grand Prize is drawn, we will have a drawing for the Participants Prize (Prize yet to be determined!). For every month of your commitments that you have met, even if you haven’t finished your 2400 point army, you qualify for one entry into the drawing for the participants prize. So if you only met six of your months goals, you would have six entries into the Participants Prize. If you finished your full 2400 points woth of models but didn’t win the Grand Prize, you are still eligible to win the Participants Prize!

Prizes will be drawn in the first episode of December of 2013.

Hobby Progress Challenge FAQ:

Q: What if I complete my whole army ahead of schedule?
A: There is no penalty for completing your army early! If you do, you qualify for all entries into the Grand Prize and Participants Prize drawings.

Q: I have already started painting an army and I am about halfway done. Can I just build on that for my entry into The Hobby Progress Challenge?
A: The purpose of the challenge is to all work together to drive each other to meet our goals from beginning to end. However, we also understand that not everyone wants to run out and buy a brand new army right now while they are in the process of working on one. So we have compromised on this a little bit. Once you have provided a list for your army, you should indicate which units are already painted on the list. You should then come up with an expansion to your army which is equal to the number of points that you have painted already. You can then use these units to supplement your army.

Q: When do I have to put up my commitment for the month?
A: You MUST put up your commitment for the coming month prior to the 1st of the month. Likewise, the completion of your commitment must be BEFORE the 1st of the following month. (So the last day of the month)

Q: What if my models are already primed and/or basecoated?
A: This is fine. Just make sure you post the picture of them in their primed/basecoated condition. We aren’t going to be too stickler about this here. But the idea is that you are working from a clean palette. So models that you have purchased on ebay and then stripped/primed are fine. We don’t need to see the models prior to assembly!

Q: When does the challenge start?
The challenge officially starts right now! You do NOT have to post list or your first unit choice prior to January. Just publish your before pictures and list before you get started.

Updated information will be made available here:

If you have any additional questions, please post them in the thread there so Hobby Hero Steve Wren can answer them and then update the FAQ.

And Finally…

A huge thanks to Steve for offering to moderate the hobby challenge and also to Carl and the guys from the Independent Characters Podcast for letting me shamelessly steal their idea, rules and experience from previous years.

Thanks and good luck !